Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Non-Growing Christian Is...

The Bible assumes that Christians grow--there's no real comprehension of any other kind (Col. 3:9-10). However, most contemporary American Christians do not grow--they are stuck, plateaued, in a holding pattern--and because this is so common, we fail to see how odd it really is from the Bible's perspective. In fact, if we're not careful, we'll come to see stagnation as normal and movement as strange and bizarre.

So, to counter this heresy, I thought it might be good to re-cast what a non-growing Christian is like through some modern-day word-pictures. My hope is that these will help challenge you to see how offensive a lack of growth in our lives is to God, and strengthen your resolve not only to be a growing Christian yourself, but to spur others on to the same.

A non-growing Christian is...

  • A sinus infection--slimy, gross mucus that creates pain and pressure because it's not going anywhere.
  • A bowel obstruction--a blockage of movement that causes you to hang on to all your crap.
  • A pimple--a clog of oil and dead cells that produces embarrassment.
  • A port-a-potty--a stinky repository of garbage and waste.
  • Engine sludge--gooey gunk that not only won't move, but even causes a whole engine to stop, and eventually break down.
  • A hemorrhoid--a painful torment that cries out for fixing, but most people are unwilling to do anything about it.
  • A free ticket to a mortuary--it counts for nothing, and nobody wants it.
  • Gangrene--dead, rotting flesh caused by a lack of blood flow
  • A government agency--bloated, unnecessary, useless, ineffective, uncomprehending... need I say more?
  • A parasite--a being with no purpose of its own, which contributes nothing, produces nothing, provides nothing. It draws its life by sucking from from the healthy, and spreads sickness simply by doing what comes naturally to it.

Not growing is painful because we repeat the same bad choices over and over, and reap their consequences. It's tragic because we fail to learn from our own life experiences. It's gross and disgusting because that's always the case when something is intended to move and it's stuck. It causes our lives to be rendered worthless and ineffectual. It is one of Satan's greatest sources of satisfaction.

The Christian life is designed to MOVE!!! So let's shift it out of park and put the pedal to the metal, people!!! I feel the NEED for SPEED!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!

What's the next turn you need to make to get on-track with God?

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