Monday, February 25, 2008

Hittin' the (Air)Waves

Pastor Brent and I are going to be special guests on Glenn Bone's radio show on Wednesday morning at 8:45am. Rev. Bone is the senior pastor of Good Seed Ministries in Chicago, which is also one of our ministry partners that we support financially. He broadcasts a radio show five times weekly on the Big Gospel Xpress, WBGX 1570 AM-Chicago. You can hear the radio show by going over to and clicking on the "Listen Live" tab.

Pastor Brent and I have also been working to bring Rev. Bone and several of his lay leaders here to Jackson in April to lead a one-day Purpose-Driven conference, which would be hosted at our church. We would make this conference open and available to other churches in our community as well. However, we would also have a period of time set aside that would be dedicated exclusively to our own leaders and their leadership development. Rev. Bone is also willing to speak at our Sunday services that weekend. He has spoken at our church once before (in 2005), and I know many of you still remember him and his passionate message.

Other conversations we are having with him include:

  • Opening up an opportunity for our youth and adults to spend a few days in Chicago and help Good Seed with their different inner-city ministries;
  • Joining together on a missions trip to Jamaica in September--if you're interested in going, it will be approximately $900 per person, and you should begin the process of obtaining a passport soon, as it will easily take at least 6 weeks to process. Here's a link to the State Department's website if you're interested.
All these things still need to be nailed down--they're still in the discussion stage. But we'll be sharing plans with you as they develop, and keeping you informed of the various opportunities. This is a great chance for all of us to interact with an exciting church that is definitely impacting their community for Christ.

Good Seed Ministries has a unique vision to reach the discouraged communities of south and west Chicago with the life-changing power of Jesus. Through a holistic approach, they aspire to meet all the needs of the people around them—spiritual, emotional, and physical. Their inspiring goals include the construction of a massive community center that will service the various needs of their community and the birthing of a daughter church that will carry these same values and mission to a nearby community.

They were one of only 80 congregations around the world to receive a Healthy Church Award from Purpose-Driven Ministries in 2005, and Rev. Bone was named Pastor of the Year by Worldvision Chicago. He has spoken at numerous conferences around the country. It's a great joy and privilege to partner with them to advance God's kingdom.

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