Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Storm!!!

UPDATE: WE ARE CANCELLING ALL ACTIVITIES TODAY. I found out that many major county roads are still unplowed, and some vehicles without 4-wheel drive are getting stuck in the snow. All activities are cancelled--9:30, 11:00, Awana, and Youth Group. Stay warm & safe!

My original post appears below. Some of the information is now inaccurate. Please understand that as you read further:

Hey all! Just wanted to let you know, we are calling off the 9:30 service this morning. We will still have the 11:00 service.

I went out for a little drive this morning, and the main roads I drove on (Lansing Ave. & Parnall Ave.) were in pretty good shape. It was clear that the plows had been working all night long. All four lanes on both roads were open and moving fairly well (there was other traffic out, besides me). I think most people should be ok if they can get to a main road.

My philosophy on calling off church is this:

  • If it is absolutely unsafe to travel, I will cancel everything because I want to protect the people who have to be there--the praise team, sound & video techs, teachers, etc.
  • If the weather will significantly impact attendance, I will cancel the first service only. I cancel the first service, and not the second, because it gives more time for plows & salt trucks, as well as just general traffic beating the snow down & cutting tracks through rarely-traveled areas.

Some people feel guilty if they stay home when church is not cancelled. They would rather I cancel church for everybody, and then they don't have to feel guilty. However, I take a different perspective. I think each family should decide what is best for them since each family's situation is different.

  • Some have to drive a long way, while others live literally around the corner from the church.
  • Some have small children, while other households are composed entirely of adults.
  • Some people are uncomfortable driving in winter weather, while others look at every winter storm as simply one more challenge to be conquered.
  • Some are just getting over colds or other sicknesses, or beginning to come down with them, and don't want to get out in the weather.

So you have to decide what's best for you and your family. Just because church is going on, that doesn't mean that you're necessarily wrong not to stay home. Nobody will think any less of you, or call you up in front of the congregation to confess your sin. :) However, for the people who want to come and are able to come, we want to provide them the opportunity to gather with the family of God and worship.

See you at 11:00!! (...or not)

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