Sunday, January 7, 2007

What's This All About?

Welcome to the blog for Pathway Community Church in Jackson, MI!

This is the first of what I intend to be weekly postings about many things related to the life and faith journeys here at PCC. But first I want to talk about why I decided to start blogging. For those of you who may not be as tech-savvy, a "blog" (short for weblog) is like a public, Internet-based journal. There are many kinds of blogs that reflect the full range of interests that humans have around the world. Blogs can be brilliant or brainless, saintly or sinful, helpful or hopeless. But all of them are personal, and in that sense, profound. With a few mouse clicks, we can access the thoughts of the world--for good or ill--in the blogosphere and see what drives us, what frightens us, what motivates and inspires us, what we believe as human beings.

This is a significant time for us at Pathway Community Church, as we embark on a new vision of where God would lead us. (I'll be sharing more at the State of the Church Address on January 28 and beyond--please be sure to be there for that service if at all possible.) As we forge this new path under God's direction, I believe clear and honest communication is going to be central for our success. We must all be on the same page and pulling together in one direction as the body of Christ.

So this blog will be the place

  • to learn and understand the vision,
  • to interact with it and share your thoughts
  • to participate in its shape
  • and get a peek inside my head and heart as I share not only this vision, but myself as well.

I believe in the kingdom potential of this church because I believe in the power of God. All it takes is the courage to be obedient to him. If we are following him, there is no way that he will allow us to fail. The almighty God who can do anything can certainly empower us to accomplish the task that he's given us to do--if only we will believe him and trust him to the very end.

I have no doubt that there are challenges ahead and obstacles that we do not yet see. Nevertheless, how can we go wrong when the one steering the ship is the Master of the Wind?

"The Master Of The Wind"
My boat of life sails on a troubled sea
Whenever there's a wind in my sail.
But I have a friend who watches over me
When the breeze turns into a gale.

I know the Master of the wind.
I know the Maker of the rain.
He can calm a storm,
Make the sun shine again.
I know the Master of the wind.

Sometimes I soar like an eagle through the sky
Above the peaks my soul can be found.
An unexpected storm may drive me from the heights
Brings me low, but never brings me down.

I know the Master of the wind.
I know the Maker of the rain.
He can calm a storm,
Make the sun shine again.
I know the Master of the wind.

I look forward to interacting with you here in this new way. May you find yourself encouraged, challenged, strengthened, stretched, and inspired as we chart the direction for our church. May God bless you as you search for and find more of him.

For HIS Glory,

Pastor Scott

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Capt. America said...

Looking forward to what you have to share in your blog.